Investment Risk Management

The financial world we are living in today is moving faster and faster as technologies are being developed but the foundations and cornerstones of the markets are still the same. Thanks to modern financial instruments investors can be more and more in control of their financial destiny, which is key to ensure a longer term purchasing power. We also provide a complimentary initial consultation into Zindagi services and there is a conditional money back gurantee on the below banking health check.

  • Providing a specialist bank account health check and portfolio strategy review
  • Advising on worldwide financial products and derivatives
  • Collaborating with your existing financial partners and institutions for your own decision making
  • Propose independent solutions specifically setup for your particular needs
  • Supervision of asset allocation
  • Presentation of investment opportunities for the clients’ or clients’ investment managers’ analysis
  • Provide technical analysis of publically traded Equities
  • Provide clients with accurate information and ideas to achieve the investment goals that were set
  • Ensures a fair and neutral approach to the analysis of your financial setup and structure