CFO and Corporate Governance Advisory

We advise international entrepreneurs’ offices on their global financial and fiscal planning including:

  • Set-up, operation and strategic development of their businesses
  • Risk management of the accounting, fiscal and legal systems
  • Technical systems, procedures, and duties to adhere to the relevant corporate governance, directorship and regulatory responsibilities
  • Liquidation services,Creditor Payments, prioritisations and expert wind-ups; including liaison with banks, standstill agreements, LC's and other financial instruments within accounting periods.
  • Mitigation of direct and indirect taxation
  • Financial and corporate management of holding and operational structures, and related business development
  • Drafting, reviewing and amending of critical contracts, systems and procedures
  • Liaising locally with professionals, banks and service providers
  • Providing as required Zindagi’s international panel of top-class professional partners, on preferential terms
  • Managing fee negotiations and continuous cost control
  • Performing fiscal and accounting representation duties (e.g. as CFO, e.g. as Fiscal representative in Monaco)
  • Overseeing the activities of clients’ internal accountants